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Stock Management

With our HBJO stock management module dedicated to the watchmaking, jewelry and jewelry industry, simplify your stock entries while taking care of the specific characteristics of your jewelry and watches. Thanks to our ERP in SaaS mode, follow your stock levels in real time, manage your restockings, publish detailed reports.

Sale & Collection

Jewely Retail integrates a dedicated HBJO sales module integrating a secure payment solution offering the flexibility of manual or barcode entry.
It simplifies transaction management by including the editing and sending by e-mail of quotes, invoices, deposits, return vouchers, credit notes, customer orders, discounts and entrustments, etc.

After sales service

Optimize the complete management of jewelry and watch repairs thanks to our dedicated HBJO after-sales service module.

Make it easy to take care of by using our workshop assignment, quote creation and invoice sending features, simplifying the entire process.

Sales statistics

Our integrated statistics module allows you to simply analyze turnover, margin, average basket by period, by brand, type of HBJO product (jewelry, watches, tableware, new or used) and by type of metal (white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, silver, etc.).
With detailed reports, interactive charts and dynamic dashboards, visualize trends, identify hot products and assess profitability.

police book

Our module brings together in a single electronic register all the mandatory information in the HBJO sector for the activities of purchasing, selling, repairing and creating jewelry and watches.
The Jewely Police Book guarantees full compliance with regulatory requirements requiring the chronology of recorded information without the possibility of modification. Theymake it easier to make information available during checks by customs services.

Entrusted & Reservations

Functionality specific to the HBJO sector, for managing products “entrusted to” or “entrusted by”, with the simplified generation of entrusted vouchers. This solution makes it easier to track items that you entrust or that are entrusted to you by your suppliers.

Management of Reservations for a defined period, including taking a deposit and issuing reservation vouchers. This makes it possible to optimize inventory management and ensure a smooth customer experience.

Purchase-Sale of second-hand products

The HBJO Jewely Retail solution allows you to manage the repurchase or resumption of second-hand products directly from individuals, broadening your supply alternatives for vintage products while simplifying the process of integration into your stock.

Jewely is suitable for all types of sales, applying the appropriate VAT rates in order to comply with current tax regulations.

Integrated DAM and PIM

Optimize the management of your HBJO product descriptions and visuals with our integrated Product & Digital Asset Manager solution.

Centralizing your data, it guarantees a transparent update of your e-commerce site with optimized images and precise descriptions, highlighting your products optimally. Simplify your process while providing a rewarding user experience.


Automatic calculation of the HBJOAT tax (Watchmaking, Jewelry and Tableware) considerably simplifies your accounting by calculating every month the amount of tax to declare. No more tedious calculations and the risk of costly errors.

This built-in functionality ensures accurate and compliant management while allowing you to focus on your core business without worrying about complex administrative tasks.


Whether it is one or several points of sale, the Jewely ERP is designed to adapt perfectly to your HBJO activity.

Take advantage of multi-store functionalities which integrate transfers and invoicing of items, restocking, return of items, in addition to the essential functionalities for the optimal management of your point of sale.

ERP in SaaS mode

Jewely Retail ERP in SaaS mode offers a software-as-a-service approach accessible from anywhere and on all devices such as PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

Unlike competing solutions, Jewely frees you from the constraints linked to version upgrades and specific developments.

REAL dedicated customer support

Benefit from dedicated technical support to train you and quickly answer all your questions and help you resolve issues related to your HBJO activity when using the Jewely Retail ERP.

Export payment with Solpay

Solution integration SolPay in the ERP Jewely offers you the possibility of automatically generating the tax refund slip during your export sales transactions.

Simplify your processes and ensure smooth management of tax refunds with this integrated functionality.

Payment 2x, 3x, 4x… with Alma

Integration of the payment solution Alma in the ERP Jewely allows you to offer your customers the option of paying in several installments or deferred when they go to the checkout.

Your seller finalizes the payment with Alma, directly in the Jewely interface.

Simplified migration to Jewely Retail

Whether you currently use other ERPs such as SAP, CEGID, ODEIS Retail or ODEIS Bijou 3, you can migrate to the HBJO Jewely Retail solution in a few days.

Our experts are at your disposal to support you during your migration for the integration of your stock files, customer databases, after-sales service databases on the Jewely Retail ERP.

Software certified to comply with anti-fraud law

The Jewely Retail ERP cash register system meets the conditions of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving of data for the purposes of control by the tax administration, provided for in 3° bis of I of article 286 of the general tax code.

After each installation, an individual certificate of conformity is issued by the publisher to each of its customers.

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